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18-Inch Tires

Explore Bridgestone's wide selection of 18 inch tires. From all-season tires to performance tires, all-terrain tires and winter tires, Bridgestone offers a wide range of tires meant to complement any driving style or road condition. Find the best 18 inch tires for your vehicle below.

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Finding the perfect 18 inch tire for vehicle is as easy as selecting your tire size. This information can be found in a few locations: on the inside frame of the driver's side door, inside the glove box door, your driver's manual or your tire's sidewall. If you're unsure of how to read your tire measurements, check out this article to walk through the steps. Once you have this information, you can quickly find the 18 inch tire that best suits your needs.

Why Does Tire Size Matter?

A bigger tire like an 18-inch tire can contribute to better grip, handling, and braking, and can give your vehicle a lift in terms of style. Generally speaking, the larger a tire is, the more contact it can make with the road, thereby boosting stability and traction.

Plus, some vehicle owners prefer the visual appeal of an 18-inch tire instead of, say, a 16-inch tire. That’s because an 18-inch tire is equipped with less sidewall than a 16-inch tire, meaning that more of the shiny wheel is showing.

Can You Switch From 18-In Tires to Another Size?

While you may switch to larger or smaller wheels, you should be aware of the limitations and tradeoffs associated with such a change. The replacement tires should always have a diameter within 3% of the originals so as to not create issues with the function of safety features like anti-lock brakes and stability control. And, if the change is to larger diameter wheels, there may be tradeoffs in the form of increased ride harshness, longer braking distances, and reduced fuel mileage.

How Common Are 18 Inch Tires?

You’ll often find 18-inch tires on brand-new cars. Bridgestone 18-inch tires are engineered to take on an array of road conditions and driving needs, including all-season, all-terrain, snow and mud. Compare 18-inch tires online and visit your nearest Bridgestone tire retailer to have them installed.