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From breaking PRs on the track to harnessing the thrill of all-season daily driving, Potenza tires deliver exhilarating performance for every sports car enthusiast's style.                                                   

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Advanced Pressure Distribution
Optimized contact footprint to distribute pressure evenly
Responsive Steering
Finely tuned tread pattern for responsive steering
Extreme Cornering
Advanced shoulder stiffness for extreme cornering
Maximum Grip
Unique tread compound for maximum grip when braking and cornering
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Don’t wait on the forecast to uncover the potential of your performance vehicle.

The Potenza Sport AS is an all-season champion for your performance vehicle, engineered with sporty handling and wet grip from Bridgestone’s proprietary ENLITEN™ technology.

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Amplify your daily driving experience.

Unlock the performance of your favorite sports car with the Bridgestone Potenza Sport summer tire, designed to bring excitement and responsive handling to your daily drive.

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Stay in the lead on and off the track.

Engineered for high performance sports cars with exhilarating performance, speed and handling both on-track and on-road, the Bridgestone Potenza Race helps you chase the thrill of weekend track driving seven days a week.

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Raise the bar on pole position performance.

The Bridgestone Potenza RE-71RS takes the lead in Bridgestone’s ultra-high performance tire lineup, engineered to help serious racing enthusiasts extract more from their grassroots race cars. With a blistering fast pace, the Potenza RE-71RS helps you chase your next record time.

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90 Day Buy and Try Log

90-Day Buy & Try Guarantee

If a retail customer is not completely satisfied with their eligible Bridgestone brand tires, the tires can be returned to the location where originally purchased within 90 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange*.

* Certain limitations and restrictions apply. See warranty for details.